1. Does your factory have strong quality control and safety management system?
2. What kind of products would you be able to manufacture?
3. What is the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?
4. Can you help us from the product planning?
5. Is it possible to order from overseas?
6. What is your delivery time?
7. How fast can you commercialise my product?
8. Is it possible to manufacture a product equivalent to the products distributed in the international market?
9. Is it possible to provide my own ingredients?
10. Do you provide design services for product packaging artwork and design?
11. What kind of sizes and material containers are available?
12. How much does it cost?
13. I want to keep our cost as low as possible…
14. Can we export products to overseas?
15. What are the payment terms?
16. What is your confidentiality policy?
17. What sort of agreement forms would we have to sign?
18. Will it be okay to contact you as it is a first time to try cosmetic OEM?
19. How can we visit you?
20. Can we have meetings overseas?
21. Does your company provide the service for KKM registration?