Khayla Kosmetik
Khayla Kosmetik is our halal-certified cosmetic plant
subsidiary to Intercosmetic Group.
It is dedicated to producing a complete range of halal cosmetics.
Khayla Kosmetik is committed to providing the finest quality cosmetics with the halal certification from Jakim and LPPOM MUI that allows our Islamic customers to acknowledge the credibility of our products.
Halal certification is a document that is issued by an authorised Islamic body to confirm that the products are complying to guidelines of Halal and Haram in Islam. Halal certification does not depend purely on whether a product complies with the Shariah requirements, it also takes into account other aspects such as the process, hygiene, equipment, storage and safety and standards. Both certification also needs the applicant to implement Halal Assurance System (HAS) prior to certification. Halal Certification is an added value to the products / brands.

Jakim is the sole body in Malaysia that is authorised to issue halal certification. Most of the countries in the world recognises Jakim halal logo.

LPPOM MUI is the certification body that is authorised to issue halal certification in Indonesia. Most of countries in the world recognises LPPOM MUI logo. Product including cosmetics to be sold in Indonesia must have Halal certification by 2019.

With Malaysia as one of the top countries exporting halal products, our R&D Team at Intercosmetic focuses on developing new halal products.
With our well-attuned strategic marketing team’s comprehensive consumer market research, we are able to provide our customers with the full halal product range of makeup and skin care.