Intercosmetic collaborates with Technology Partners because of the diversity of people and ideas that inspires the innovation that runs through everything we do.
Join Intercosmetic, and help us make beauty better for everyone.

A Superior Business Channel
We will develop, market, sell, produce, supply, and support our technology partners’ products as part of a total customer solution to our broad, diverse and loyal customer base.
Purposeful Alliance
We will collaborate with our technology partners with continual improvement to build customer satisfaction, sales, and profits.
Optimum Product Exposure
We will present and market products by effectively communicating applications, benefits, features, and specifications.
Very Competitive Total Supply Chain Costs
We will minimize transaction costs by providing the sum total of knowledge, production planning, order entry, order processing, inventory holding, production, shipping, delivery, credit, collection and warranty costs.


High Quality Products
Our technology partners innovate, research and develop quality products that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.
Demand Creation
Our technology partners work collaboratively with us to meet our customers’ speed-to-market expectations.
Return on Investment
Our technology partners provide for a profitable relationship through appropriate gross margins, terms, policies and costs of doing business.
Partnership Philosophy
Our technology partners recognise and support our cooperative, value-added role in the production, sales and marketing, and delivery process.