Intercosmetic is the easy and reliable way to produce innovative colour cosmetics and perfumery products of your demand with our global technology with full customised services.
The idea behind being a one-stop platform is to have cosmetic experts guide our customers through the entire process of developing their products with a wide range of technologies. With our knowledge and insight of the marketplace, we are trained to understand our customers, identify their goals and give them complete peace of mind.

Our holistic services encompass everything there is to producing cosmetics — from idea generation to providing solutions like packaging, formula, manufacturing, cost management, delivery and more. Find out more

Having us as your preferred partner, you can leave the tough decisions to the experts and focus on the one thing that matters most — the results.

For centuries, cosmetics has been used as the ultimate tool of beauty and expression. This notion has driven us to be in the business of helping businesses — from indie brands to multinational corporations — accomplish their mission for beauty through customised cosmetics that are innovative and outstanding in quality.

Our business is not just about manufacturing cosmetics. It’s about giving brands and people better beauty and an avenue to express and communicate.

These are the countries that we are currently servicing: